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How I Work as Shaman Thunder Bunny

The word "shaman" means "one who sees in the dark." As a Shaman, I journey inward to the hidden realms and "see" in my mind's eye what healing is needed for your particular issue. You may require Shamanic healing, a soul retrieval, Reiki healing or some combination of healing methods. Exactly how the healing works is not easily explainable in terms of our world here, the world of matter. I work on the planes of light, energy and consciousness - yet quite real - the inner nature of our beings.

Great Spirit is the Healer

The Great Spirit is the Healer in all cases. I am here as His assistant in this Shamanic energy healing process, to help move it along for those who come to my website. Your life process will unfold like a beautiful flower - if you allow it to. It does not have to be a difficult roller coaster ride. Smoothing out the roller coaster ride is my job and my healing work for you.

How to Contact Me

Please contact me by email. As I am very busy with my healing work, I do not have time to answer general questions about Shamanism. These can be answered very easily online through Wikipedia and Google searches. I am here to do my spiritual work and the best way I can help you is for you to place an order for Shamanic healing.
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The word "shaman" means "one who sees in the dark."

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