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Gift of the Sun

I have always had a great interest in rocks and minerals (crystals especially) and collected them since I was a young boy in Austin, Texas. Little did I know then that my love of crystals would begin to blossom in the 1980's into a strong metaphysical connection with quartz and other crystals.

Crystals and my strong spiritual leanings were not the only "inner push" on me, of course. I got a studio BFA degree in painting and drawing in 1977. You can view a very large wall sculpture I created in 1996 titled: "Heliodor" on my artist website.

Heliodor means "Gift of the Sun." Heliodor is also golden beryl. I found out, just a few years ago, that beryl is a Gemini stone. There is no question about that, for this Gemini!

This website, and the companion website: are both part of "my" ministry. It is a ministry which deeply involves the inner path, and the outer path we all must traverse in life.

Not Enough Stuff in the World

During the middle of my art school training, I found myself very restless and discontent. Though things were progressing well enough in art school (in 1974) I was feeling very lost and unhappy inside. One evening in 1973 (I can still remember as if it was last night) I was sitting in my living room, listening to music, which is important to me, but in the middle of all that, I had an epiphany. I remember saying to myself in particular, but I said it out loud, "I will never be happy no matter how much material stuff I have."

This was a direct realization coming from inside me. And long story short, less than a year later, I had found my spiritual path, Self-Realization Fellowship, a meditation based path, started in 1920, by Paramahansa Yogananda. The Church of All Religions, that he started, heavily influenced me (I am a member still), and I am a kriyaban (took formal vows) to practice the meditation, etc., since 1975.

Leaving Dogma Town

Now, over 30 years later, I still practice the Kriya yoga I was taught back then, and live by the principles, too. And though this website is in no way formally attached to SRF, it has the same basic ideals of SRF at its core. This is a website of all religions, but no particular religion. There is no dogma here. I was taught a principle(s) that has been known in the world of Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) for a very long time (thousands of years). That is, to practice the methods taught (for a year, or a certain length of time), and if the results are what have been promised, then perhaps you have found a path to Spirit (God) that works for you. It is as simple as that. There are no threats of eternal perdition, hellfire... none of that.

But we are really not promoting a belief system on this website. Our mission is to simply help you heal the sense of pain and separation from whatver is bothering you. Since God is Everything, the sense of separation from God would be the root of all our troubling issues. We are not separate from God - that is a myth, but seems quite real.

My Ordinations and Doctor of Divinity

I am an ordained Interfaith minister. My ordination is through the Esoteric Theological Seminary, by order of the Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc., of Gainesville, Florida. I am also ordained through the Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc., as a Spiritual Minister. This ordination is allied closely with my crystal healing work of this website.

Both ordinations and our two Internet Interfaith websites dovetail nicely with the Interfaith Healing and Ministerial work. is "outer path" directed and is "inner path" directed.

I recently attained the Doctor of Divinity, through the Esoteric Theological Seminary. I wrote a Doctoral Thesis titled "The Nature and Practice of Spiritual Advancement". The Ordinations and Doctor of Divinity Degree are part of my own spiritual practice on the path of Kriya yoga, as well as my ministerial work with others.

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image   "Singing to the One in Hiding"
    Robert Terrell Painting - 1998

image   "Wheels Within Wheels"     Robert Terrell Painting - 1999

I do not see these art creations as completed visions in my mind. They are an intuitive, spiritual art process that develops while I create.

My crystal healing work with people is similar in that it progresses as an intuitive, spiritual process of "expanded Self" discovery.

Please contact me to begin your inner journey of discovery of the deeper levels in your higher Self - some call this your Soul. It is not to be confused with the ego-self, what we usually think of as being "me."