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About Pam Washam

Pam's Training

Pam's formal training in Shamanic healing is under Charles Conatser and Lyn Buchanan, both graduates of the Institute for Shamanic Studies. Her personal experience with the world of spirit and with various other kingdoms and realities however, is extensive and started early in her life. As a 4-year-old child, she met a group of gnomes in an orange grove and they communicated with her telepathically. Over the many years I have known her, she has recalled for me her memories of being aboard crafts and interacting with beings who were definitely not human. We haven't been able to determine how far back go her experiences of parallel realities and times in the past that she has had and is having even now while she's asleep. I know of 2 or 3 instances where she interacted with a ghost or wedforing spirit almost as if it were still alive in a body on this earth. There was one time at college where Pam and a couple of acquaintances were playing with a ouiji board. It spelled out: "Druid go away!" so many times that the others asked her to leave in hopes of getting more than that one phrase over and over again.

Pam's Life Experience

Here in this reality, Pam had a very difficult childhood in a one parent family. Even though she's blind as a result of spending the first 3 months of her life in an incubator, she was expected to do house work and take care of her younger sister as well as go to school while her mother worked. Any attempt to communicate about her interests and experiences of things not of this reality were met with ridicule and violent supression. By the time she reached her 20s she was exhausted, disillusioned and deeply depressed. She knows what it is to be drained of life force energy by those around her while being unsupported and unappreciated. She knows what it is to have debilitating physical illnesses that doctors can find no help for, or even diagnose. She knows how it feels to want to end her life here.

Pam's Shamanic Healing Journeys

When Pam started doing Shamanic healing journeys with Charles Conatser, she rediscovered nonordinary reality with its treasures and gifts. She began to reclaim her personal power, set boundaries and to develop her latent ability to gather information to help others and to direct them on to the path for their highest good. She was living life more and more on her own terms and realizing how much value there is in that. She became a hospice volunteer and helped people get comfortable with the idea of moving into a new and freer form.

Who and How Pam will Help

Pam loves animals. She has a menagerie in her apartment as well as her guide dog who communicates with her telepathically. If you want to know what's happening with a beloved animal either on this side or the other side, she can usually tell you that. If you want to know what's happening with a person either on this side or the other side, she can usually tell you that. If you need assistance with getting your life back into balance and into your own hands, she's empathetic and forthright and she can help you with that. She knows from experience that there are certain things we all have to do for ourselves, that nobody anywhere can do them for us. Honesty and a willingness to look inward and to allow change are things she values highly in her clients. It's best to be serious about self empowerment if you choose to work with her, but she's deeply compassionate and supportive and she can assist you to get on the path to your highest good and to stay on it.

-written by Lorie McCloud
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"(The Shaman) is a self-reliant explorer of the endless mansions of a magnificent hidden universe."
- Michael Harner
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