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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shaman?

A Shaman is a lightworker who uses angelic power animals to effect positive changes in a person's life.

How do You Work with People?

A Shaman works with people by entering nonordinary reality to gather information and to shift a person's inner and outer realities toward balance and harmony. The understanding is that creation is born on the inner planes and moves outward into what we perceive as our external reality.

I personally work both face to face, or on the phone. I need to hear your voice if I am doing Shamanic healing from a distance.

Are Your Methods of Shamanism Safe?

My Shaman work is completely benign and beneficial. It will never harm you or anyone else. I have gone to great lengths to develop my methods in a totally safe, positive direction. And I never do anything without your permission.

Do Your Methods Work From a Distance?

Oh most definitely. In the spirit world time and space do not exist in the way they do in our physical world. The barriers are much softer and less burdensome. I can use my methods most effectively from any distance.

Do You Channel Spirits In Your Shaman Work?

I do have helping power animals, but they function mostly as counselors and describers, giving me advice and helping me see situations more clearly.

Is Shamanism Your Religion?

Shamanism isn't so much a religion as a form of spirituality. It's a way of relating to and harmonizing with the earth, the cosmos and the great creator/all that is.

Privacy Policy: Updated 2009-05-20

Privacy is most important here at Your personal information will never be shared with any third party for any reason whatsoever. And we are not involved in any sort of email campaigns in which we will be sharing your email address with any third parties.

Should you have other questions or concerns about me or the privacy policy, just email.
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"Everything is made of light," he said, "and the space between isn't empty."
- Don Miguel Ruiz

You will learn the most about how I work after you use my services. So place a Shamanic energy healing order, and please visit the other pages on this website. Your Shamanic healing journey has now begun.