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Thunder Bunny Shamanic Healing Rates

Soul Retrieval - 130 USD
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Power Animal Retrieval - 55 USD
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Shamanic Counseling - 30 minutes / 30 USD
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Shamanic Counseling - 60 minutes / 50 USD
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House Blessing (not ghost busting) ~ 50 USD
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Reiki Healing (long distance) ~ 60 min / 65 USD
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Shamanic Drum with Bunny

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Power animal - dwarf bunny

Power animal - horny toad

Power animal - chameleon

Reiki Raccoon

Soul retrievals and power animal retrievals will give you a feeling of wholeness and completeness in your being.

I will always give you my best assessment of how many Shamanic counseling sessions, Shamanic energy healing sessions, or Reiki healing sessions are needed to remedy your issue(s). That is not always entirely possible. Sometimes, various situations or problems are deeply rooted or entwined in other layers, and take time to surface.